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This is me…

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Welcome to my brand new blog!

I have to say this comes quite as a challenge to me. I have never felt that confident at writing, nor have I ever thought I have so much to say to fill in a full blog. But I figured out, 2022 is being a year of challenges and new adventures for me, so why not embarking on this one as well?

…ok, I already have my first writer’s block 😀 you see, I always admired people who only need to have an idea to turn it into a fine masterpiece of arguments, related topics, links, references and conclusions. I would just love to be like Julia Powell or even Meghan Markle and publish one article a day before I even get out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I have ideas – I always go to bed full of great ideas and enthusiasm! But when it comes to put them on a blank page, I feel like my mind empties out and I am left alone with my own brain monkey.

brain monkey

You could think, “Well OK, this is only a matter of practice.” On one side, it actually is. On the other, I always struggled with essays, even in high school – I had a very hard time at coming out with something really compelling. Not to mention tests – my drafts were full of erasure marks and unrelated sentences and poor arguments. But hey, it is hard to create something interesting in two hours – it is taking me ages to write 500 words!

Nevertheless, I think my thoughts and arguments have always been better in English – don’t ask me why. That’s probably because I had two amazing English teachers at high school who not only taught me grammar, lexicon and rules – they taught me the real essence of knowing and talking in a foreign language: to think in that language.

Oh boy, I love English. I mean, I really do. I think it’s so simple yet so complex, with all its phrasal verbs and neologisms… it’s ready for the future and well-built for the past. It stems from Shakespeare but can adapt itself to the new inclusive language. You know, that’s something we don’t typically have in Italian, which is quite strict and closed to neologisms. And this is why I chose to write my blog in English – even because I want it to reach as much audience as possible!

challenge accepted


Soo, what will this blog be about? Of course it will partly be about translation, but I don’t want to focus purely on my job. I think the Internet is packed with articles about translating and how beautiful and fascinating and important this job is.

somebody kill me

I want it to be 100% me. I think it’ll be more interesting if I tell you my life as a freelance – a little bit of my job, how I pull the plug, my PC-related meltdowns (which believe me happen waaay too often… yes I’m definitely a paper-and-pen type of girl). But still, it will pretty much go with the flow of my thoughts.

OK, then. One article per week. I can do it… can’t I?

Stay tuned for the next articles!


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