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The history of my business

I always knew my professional career would be focused on languages. After all, I started learning English in primary school and German in middle school, and from that moment on they have been part of my scholastic and professional life. After a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation Studies – English and German, I threw myself headlong in the world of translation. I was only 21 when I started my business, with the aim to offer a more human service than those automatic translations that – unfortunately – we too often meet. After 10 years, my mission has not changed – to deliver an accurate, timely and 100%-personalized service to every single client. From marketing to legal translations, from websites to wine-related translations, I never get tired of looking for new challenges and meet my clients’ needs. My key strenghts? Availability, accuracy and ability to retain my customers!

Fun facts about me

Find out more on the person behind the translator!

  • I love reading books and watching TV-series in their own native language (yes, I am one of those super-annoying people who can’t help but preach how better it is to watch Grey’s Anatomy in its native language – sorry, friends!).
  • I love going to the beach and having a little aperitivo there. I lived in Malta for a while and that teeny tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean has definetely become a piece of my heart.
  • I practice pilates every day since the first lockdown in 2020.
  • If it was up to me, I’d cook all day, every day! Yes, I belong to that large part of population who got into dough and baking… but I swear I never raided a grocery store for yeast!

Custom-made translation services

If you choose to work with a translator, you choose to entrust your texts to a professional. To get an accurate, tailor-made and, above all, human job. Without intermediary agencies which make it difficult to speak directly to the translator, and without the anxiety of making a bad impression on your foreign clients (yes, I am talking about you, Google Translate!).

With 10 years of experience in the field, I believe I can be the right choice for you! Still not sure? Get in touch and let’s set up a first meeting!

custom-made service