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Sworn translations

First of all, what does “sworn translation” mean? In Italy, when a translation needs to have the same legal value of the original document, the translator has to swear before the officer of the Court that the translation has been duly and faithfully executed.

The translator has therefore a key role. The translation has to be compliant to the original in its form and content – this means that, besides the translation of the texts, the translator has to “translate” or “explain” logos, seals and any other image in the document. In the second place, they have to respect the original layout and graphics as much as possibile. In the end, the translator has to apply one stamp duty for a value of € 16,00 every four pages of translation! The document that the client will receive will consist of the original document binded with the translation and the Certificate of Sworn Translation.

These are some of the reasons why this delicate procedure has to be carried out by an entrusted partner. A partner who knows what to do and who has already sworn tens of translations, including non-impediment acts, apostille and power of attorney.

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