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I have been working in the field of translation for 10 years and my working languages are English/German > Italian. I specialize mainly in the Marketing and Legal fields, but during these years I had the chance to deal with other texts too:

  • Legal translations (sales agreements, power of attorney, birth certificates/certificates of no impediment to a wedding, apostille, sworn declarations, Terms of use, GDPRs);
  • Marketing translations (websites, e-commerce websites, newsletters, marketing materials, e-mails);
  • Translations for the wine and food industry (wine and food tech sheets, menus for restaurants and events).

My aim is to offer a particularly accurate job. That’s why I take my human knowledge of the destination language and I pair it to the best and most recent translation softwares on the market to avoid any mistake. Be careful though: “translation software” doesn’t mean “automatic translation program”! These are powerful tools which let the translator memorize all their jobs, create searchable translation memories where they can find an already translated term and build ad-hoc glossaries – especially useful in more specialized translations.

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